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Dreamscape E.P. Album Part 2

7 Track E.P with 3 Single launch


Its taken a bit of time, but we hope ( and think) its been worth the wait and perseverance, what with production delays, studio issues, IT Issues, you name it its been thrown at us in 2016, a productive year musically on the back drop of what has been a terrible year for losing top acts and personalities in the that same year... but looking on things philosophically, music and film is the legacy that allows them to live forever (in our hearts and minds). 

PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE PULLED BACK ALBUM FOR 24 HOURS DUE TO A TECH ISSUE ON UPLOADING ONE [PARTICULAR TRACK (FULL VOCAL MIX OF "Show me (love & House music all night long)"... it will be available again in next 24 hrs from now... i.e. 7.00pm 06/01/2017

Its a new year, so its our time to sieze the day with the 2nd part of the launching of our musical project including new music and new arrangements... Carpe Diem... here it is (AT LAST!), our current independent offering to you and the world of Dance, TV and Film... "DREAMSCAPE" E.P. Part 2, From me (us) to you...

3 Singles are individually purchasable as Singles, the rest are part of the whole Album... help us break into the Dance Charts this week and purchase our track(s) today, Help us continue our journey and bring a fresh offering to the table of EDM and progressive avant garde Club Music...

We thank you now in anticipation of your support now and in the future. Watch out for new releases, merchandise including hard copy CD Albums, T-Shirts Posters and Event Tickets!

Happy New Year to you all... Happy Listening ... "Music is the answer" Peace out

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R.O.H.M.P.A returns in October 2019 tbc!

Dj CoolHandDuke one member of the Collective Known as Artistes Known As Us now has a Weekly Saturday & Now a Sunday Resident Radio Show for #Beachradioco the newest and brightest Online Radio Show in the UK/World right now with exciting things in the pipeline for 2019...  Every Saturday 14.00hrs BST/GMT every Sunday 12noon BST/GMT, To Tune in, Click on Icon Flyer below!

  1. CASA DISCO II our revolutionary music album of last year is available now via Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Apple Music and many more good online stores or as Physical CD direct from us (with additional exclusive limited edition Mixes)... Buy it Now and support independent musicians tha do the Electronic House Thang LIVE!!!
  2. AKAUS Tracks are feature on a charity album #MacBrumLive21stcenturyrumrunnersreborn available on #CDBaby or via mail order here on this website. In June we'll be touring with our mobile 'pop up' record store to sell this album in CD Format with Bonus CD with unreleased projects and mixes on it from Artistes Known as Us, as well as selling the new Album Casa Disco II, #watchthisspace !!!
  3. Stiletto being remixed by up & coming U.S Dj/Producer... DJ7Teen release date is now March 2019! Final touches still being worked on by Jojo! All the best stuff takes longer than you think occasionaly...
  4. Dj CoolHandDuke to release a remix project that he has collaborated with both DJ7Teen February 14th 2019



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